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Liquid Vitamins & Supplements

Ditch the pills and switch to liposomes for 16x GREATER nutrient absorption.

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Shop our premium liquid vitamins & supplements.

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Not all vitamins are created equal.

The best liquid vitamins and supplements.

Get a MEGA dose for 16x greater nutrient absorption

Most vitamins don't survive digestion. Our nutrients are protected by a "liquid shell," helping them survive the long trip through your GI. Get a MEGA dose of the vitamins your body needs for all-day nutrient absorption.

Vegan, safe and hypoallergenic

Made without chemical processing, heat or pressure.  Our vitamins are all-natural, non-hydrogenated, non-GMO, vegan and hypoallergenic.

Liquid delivery

Bye, bye pills! Get your nutrients in the form your body prefers: liposomals. Our naturally flavored vitamins can be taken alone, with water or mixed into a smoothie.

Clinically-backed science

We use evidence-based science to prove our efficacy. We have third-party clinical tests showing our enhanced absorption over ordinary pills and capsules.

Superior bioavailability.

Rapid absorption. Immediate results.

Packaging your supplements for enhanced absorption.

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Ordinary vitamins

5–20% absorption

people silhoutte_teal

80%+ absorption

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Taking liposomal vitamins is easy! 

Shake. Pour. Drink.

Drawing of a liquid vitamin bottle.

Step 1

Unopened, keep in a cool dry place.

Drawing of three liquid vitamins in a refrigerator door.

Step 2

Open and store in the fridge to help with flavor (optional).

Drawing of a liquid vitamin bottle being shaken.

Step 3

Before taking, give them a shake!

Different ways to take liquid vitamins

Step 4

Take alone, or mix into water, juice or a smoothie.

Fight back pill fatigue, one spoonful at a time.

Bye, bye pills. No more choking down pills every morning, afternoon and evening. Easily take Heal & Boost alone or mix with water or juice, or blend into a smoothie.

Bottle of Liquid Melatonin Spray front on view.
New Arrival — Liquid Supplement

Rest better tonight with Sleep

Our liquid Sleep Spray is a combination of liposomal GABA, melatonin and glutathione. When these quality ingredients are combined they help promote a better night’s sleep by calming and relaxing both the body and mind.

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Scientifically Proven.

You have high standards. So do we. Learn how our Liposomal technology is backed by science.

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