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3-in-1 liquid delivery to make it the extra mile.

Most vitamins don't survive digestion.

To craft higher-absorbing vitamins, we partnered with award-winning liposomal scientists to create the next generation of liposomal technology: Liposomal+

Liposomal+ is a 3-in-1 liquid delivery technology that (1) protects your nutrients from destructive stomach acids, (2) puts your nutrients into a form that your body can easily absorb, and (3) continues to deliver extra nutrients to your brain and liver. You get faster, greater and longer vitamin absorption, naturally.

Superior Chemistry

Each vitamin is uniquely formulated to deliver enhanced nutrient absorption.

Quality Manufacturing

Our liquid vitamins are crafted in one of the only certified liposomal facilities in the country. Triple-tested to ensure the highest quality supplements.

Faster Absorption

Our liquid vitamins provide near-instant absorption—studies show as early as 30 seconds after ingestion! 

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Science-based nutrition.

We invested in a university-led clinical study to see how much our Liposomal+ technology absorbs compared to ordinary vitamins. The results speak for themselves. Our best selling Vitamin C proves faster absorption, has significantly greater absorption and remains in the blood longer.

Can your vitamins do that?

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Faster, greater and longer nutrient absorption.

Want to absorb more science?

Read our FAQs and third-party studies for answers to your more technical questions.

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