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Science-Based Nutrition

Science-based nutrition

We put our Liposomal+ technology to the test in a university-led double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study (the gold standard for clinical studies). We wanted to compare our Liposomal+ Vitamin C to ordinary vitamin C to prove how much more absorbent our Liposomal+ technology is.

Study set-up
A group of men and women aged 55+ participated. Each subject was their own control— trying a placebo, regular vitamin C dissolved in water and our Lipsomal+ Vitamin C.

Study structure
Every two weeks, each subject took either our Lipsomal+ Vitamin C, a vitamin C tablet dissolved in water or a placebo. Immediately after administration and then once every hour, each subject's blood was drawn and tested for the concentration of vitamin C levels.

The results

Our Liposomal+ Vitamin C showed faster absorption, significantly greater absorption (exceeding theoretical amounts of vitamin C that you can get form oral ingestion), and stayed in the blood for a longer time, over regular vitamin C.

Faster, greater and longer absorption

Graph of Vitamin C study. X axis has vitamin C concentration, Y axis has hours. It shows how quickly and how long Heal & Boost vitamins get into the blood and stay.

It's your body. Know how your nutrients are delivered.

Additional Published Studies

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National Institute of Health (NIH)

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National Institute of Health (NIH)

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Structural Characterization of Multilamellar Liposomes Coencapsulating Curcumin and Vitamin D3

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National Institute of Health (NIH)

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Vitamin C: One compound, several uses. Advances for delivery, efficiency and stability

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Elsevier / ScienceDirect

Liposomes for Drug Delivery

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Journal of Biotechnology & Biomaterials

Liposomes as Nanomedical

Liposomes as nanomedical devices

Study Published by

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

We continue to publish studies.

Check back frequently for new Heal & Boost studies. Or if you've come a cross a study that you'd like us to add here, let us know.

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